Welcome to beautifulsight.ca!
This site is a celebration of one of the most unique and historic harbours in North America.
In 2015, the Port of St. John’s marks the 50th anniversary of its establishment as a federally incorporated port.
To mark the occasion, we’re looking back at our many accomplishments, tracing the changes that have taken place in this storied harbour. We decided to speak to thirteen individuals that have been a big part of the port’s history and progress since 1965. Who better to tell the story than those who work there, who know the stories that make our port truly unique?

The result is a rich oral history project, now published as a collection of stories titled A Beautiful Sight: Stories from the Port of St. John’s. Our informants range from politicians, port administrators and businessmen to fishermen, stevedores and harbour pilots.

This site features interview clips from the informants who contributed to this history project, as well as information about our new book! You’ll also find historical information about the port, and tons of archival photos showing our evolution and history!