Albert Burgess

Mr. Burgess has been fascinated by St. John’s harbour since he was a young boy growing up on Golf Avenue. Trained as a marine engineer, Burgess began work with Newfoundland Railway where he eventually became Engineer Superintendent, supervising maintenance for the CN ferries and coastal vessels throughout eastern Canada. In 1976, he became the General Manager of the St. John’s Dockyard, a position he held until his retirement in 1987.
“A Beautiful Sight”
For a mariner returning home, nothing is more welcoming than the approach to St. John’s once you enter The Narrows. He described the scene fondly in this video.
Early Days of the St. John’s Dockyard
As a young boy, his fascination with the St. John’s dockyard made it clear where his future was. He describes exploring the harbour environs as a young boy.
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