John Crosbie

Mr. Crosbie’s family has been a political and mercantile force in Newfoundland since the late nineteenth century. His grandfather, Sir John Chalker Crosbie, founded Crosbie and Company Limited, and the family business found success in a number of industries including shipping, hotels, fish exporting and, in later years, the whale fishery. Crosbie has had a remarkable career in provincial and national politics, and served as the province’s Lieutenant Governor from 2008 to 2013.
Describing Fishing Premises
John Crosbie describes his earliest recollections of visiting his family’s harbour fishing premises, and their involvement in the traditional salt fish trade.
Memories of WWII
The outbreak of WWII had a revolutionary impact on St. John’s harbour. Crosbie recounts his earliest boyhood reminiscences of the war coming to town.
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