Miller Ayre

Mr. Ayre is a retired St. John’s businessman who first began working during the summers in the late fifties for the family business at Ayre and Sons, a wholesale and retail trading company based in the St. John’s harbour environs since 1859. Ayre has served on the St. John’s Municipal Council and was also Chair of the Retail Council of Canada and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. He was the publisher of The Telegram for fifteen years, retiring in 2008.
St. John’s Harbour as Market Centre
The area around the Port of St. John’s not only supplied wholesale operations to the entire island, but it was also the retail hub for the entire city.
“There was no way to drive across the island until 1958 or 1959.  The train…couldn’t get you to all the coves and inlets. For most Newfoundland outports, St. John’s harbour was the lifeline to the consumer market.” – Miller Ayre
Describing Ayre’s Premises
Miller Ayre describes his family business and merchant premises in Ayre’s Cove.
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